Around Town 2004

St. Patrick's Day - Gander Goodwill Center Fundraiser
Reflections Lounge, March 17, 2004


Musicians gather after the "Gander One" CD Launch
Gander Arts and Culture Center, March 25, 2004


Where the Groomer Used to Run
Trans-Canada Trail, Gander, April 15, 2004


Nick Flemming and Mark Anstey
On Stage at the Flipper Spiel, April 24, 2004


Winners of the Gander Curling Club's 29th Annual Flipper Spiel, April 25, 2004
(l to r)
Shawn Kinden (President), Ed Warren, Dave Warren, Dean King, Craig Newhook


Home, Garden and Outdoor Show, June 4, 2004
Gander Community Center


ATV Enthusiasts on the Trans-Canada Trail, June 6, 2004


It's Lobster Party Season, June 11, 2004


A Different Camping Experience, August 20, 2004


An Unexpected Windfall, September 25, 2004


Misplaced Carts, September 03 and October 06, 2004
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